Time Passes Quickly

December 19, 2007 at 2:47 pm (Crafts, Home)

Wow, I hadn’t planned this long of a break, but the holidays have taken its toll.  For me the Christmas season starts in October, as most crafters do.  I have 650 students to get ready, this requires lots of planning , buying counting sorting, and then patiance in teaching and a consoling shoulder and a good ear when things do not go as planned. 

On a crafting front I help at a friend’s chruch with the youth.  We (3 adults and 11 children) made advent calendars for every family in the church.  Thank goodness it is a small church with only 89 families.  This took so much time every weekend and Wednesday night from October until December.  Then It was on to the props for the children’s Christmas program.  It all went great but place me way behind in getting any of my own Christmas crafting. 

On a high not for the season I join a Black and White Halloween Swap (my first swap ever).  It was so much fun. I loved it.  I sent my partner a Jack Skeleton candy box, glass etched vase with bats and iron gates packed with small black and gray rocks with a large candle inside, 7 different sented handmade soups (the last thwt I have had time to made), one framed black and white photograph form my angle headstone graveyard shoot, 2 white glass pumpkings with wire writing and lots of candy. Unfortunatly no photos because of camera problems that have just been resolve in the last 2 days. 

I recieved a wooden black bat, black gloves and socks, a beautiful paper crown with my name on it, a handbag that I have use ever since, candy, placemats, and a box wiwth a very fun pumpkin man.  It was so great that I swore to do another swap soon.

True to my word, in Late november I join the Holiday tradition swap.  My partner is a relocated Austrailian who now resides in Canada.  She sent me a lovely letter detail Christmas in Austrailia and her family holiday tradtions along with a White handsewn Kangaroo ornament.  She was so toughtful.

I sent her ( and hopeful it has arrived) a advent calendar (tis the season), cookie recipes and cutters, string ball ornament, and a smowman ornament.  Again no pictures. so sad.

This should all stop today. Pictures will be included with all future post.  I’ll write tomorrow to tell of all the cookie baking and holiday crafting that is for Christmas giving.  Please DON’T READ if you are family or you will ruined the suprise of the gift. 

Wishing all a happy holiday and may Santa sprinkle you with his elf dust so all of those late handmade gifts are finished on time.


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