Parent-Teacher Conference Day and Dogs

October 15, 2007 at 5:38 pm (Dogs, Teaching)

Well as the title states, it is parent teacher conference day.  I will see no one, but have to be at school from noon til 7 pm.  I’ll just work in my room those hours, I have a bit of catching up to do on all the paperwork that is generated by 650 students having art.  But taking a break for lunch now, I got here early today, so I thought I’d post.

I have been looking at dogs again.  It is kind of funny.  The dog I got conned into taking I still hate.  I know that hate is a strong word but here it fits.  We would have never taken this dog if I had know the truth.  Mr. C and I both did not like the dogs personality nor his behavoir from the beginning, but “Friends” claimed that we would only watch him for a little bit while they relocated, a month at most. Ok how bad could a month be? we thought. It has now been a year and a half, and a nightmarish one at that.

The dog has only gotten worst in behavior, I can’t blaim him really we never really spend time with him, but we can not stand him. He just makes Mr. C very angry when he has to deal with him. I still say he would make someone a good dog, just not us.  The key to owning any animal is to know what type of owner you are, and then find a matching or complimentary pet personality.  We are not a good match.

Mr. C and I are busy on the go people. We are gone from the house for 9 or so more house a day. When we get home we like to veg. I am an easy going peronality, Mr. C is a my way or the highway type ( he was the youngest and only boy, can we say a bit spoiled). Smiley is hyper, dominate, and dumb. No really, he is dumb. This is the first dog that I have ever met that could not figure out how to walk on a run line.  He is always choking himself, knocking over his water, pushing us down, tripping us and is distructive if in the house.  So he is on the back porch, let out several times a day on a leash.  He needs a home where there are children he can rough house with, a large fenced in yard to run.  Smiley likes people, dogs, cats and to run full tilt and chase everything, we just don’t have what he needs.

 french bully

What we want is a French Bulldog, just like the one above. White with black spots.  Small, house friendly, people friendly cuttlebug. These dogs do not need a large area to run, can not get too hot or too cold so they love the indoors.  They love to be where you are but don’t always have to be the center of attention just most of the time. The kind of dog you can take with you and let sleep in your bed.  I love the bully breeds, after owning my english bulldog Mac, our 98 pound knee breaking sack of concrete.  He as my neffews would say was a REAL DOG. Sweet, sweet, sweet. I still miss him greatly. So we are looking for a smaller version. Frencies are usually only 28 pounds full grown.

But first we have to get rid of Smiley, before getting a real dog. It is starting to look like the pound (which I hate).  I have been trying to get him into the no-kill shelter for over a year, they never have room and they do not get back with me. I just can not keep him any longer. So if you know anyone that wants a Blue Tick Hound for free please let me know ( I’ll deliever anywhere you are), or if you know a shelter where I can place him or have a French Bulldog who needs a loving home, please, please, PLEASE contact me.


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